Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Acrobatic Arachnid

This morning, while driving home from taking my 7 and 8-year-old girls to school, my eyes focused in on a little spider dangling from his thread inches from my face. Lucky for all of us the only turn left to make was into our driveway. With only a few glances away from the spider I managed to pull into our driveway and put the suburban into park without hitting anything. As soon as I did, however, the spider decided to decend. I'm not a bug person. With my seatbelt still secure I attempted to jump out of my seat. He was dropping fast but I was not going anywhere. I finally figured out how to undo my seatbelt and propelled myself up onto the middle console where I stayed until I had calmed down. To be on the safe side I slapped and rubbed my left side briskly until I felt satisfied that the critter was squished.

A Close Encounter of the Nasal Kind

With six children under the age of nine my life gets pretty funny sometimes. Yesterday evening was getting ready for bed as usual when I asked my 2-year-old to see her clean teeth. While looking into her mouth my 5-year-old decided to see what would happen when he banged our heads together. What happened was a horrible crunching sound that only I heard and stars. The blood came pouring out of my nose moments later as I ran up the stairs to the bathroom sink. I was sure it was broken and shook like a leaf while trying to cradle cold tap water against my nose. The good new is that I did eventually fall asleep despite the pain and this morning the only sign of my evenings collision is a sore honker.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

new discoveries

We recently entered the world of technology with our own laptop and 4-in-1 printer. I don't know how to rationally deal with all of the possabilities now at my fingertips. I have so many responsbilities (6 kids) and not enough time for all, including learning how to use the computer to my advantage.