Monday, February 1, 2010

The Answer

I'm a Mormon, yes, I am.  At a meeting Saturday evening we were edified by some great speakers.  My honey and I got to sit together, sans children, and just absorb.  The feeling was peaceful and I wished that I'd remembered to bring paper and pencil for note taking.

The biggest thing (now the only one I remember) that struck me was a scripture quoted from Proverbs.  The speaker (a wonderful woman that I've known for a few years now) was attempting to describe a "virtuous woman" using select verses from Proverbs that illustrated her point.  " not the bread of idleness."  Bam!!!  If you haven't read my previous post that "bam" will confuse you.  The "bread of idleness" most udoubtedly means the fruits of laziness, but for me at that moment it meant something else. 

Here is what I took away from that good meeting:

My perspective is narrow and needs to be broadened every day by doing, thinking and listening to good things like reading scriptures and uplifting articles and singing and listening to good music.  If I work each day to fill myself spiritually then I will not feel so compelled to fill my mouth.

My bread binges are an act of idleness and selfishness.  I can be better than that...I am better than that.

I made the most delicious bread last night.  Today it was soft and oh-so-good.  I've had one piece and not during nap time.  It's not much but it's a start.

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Tara said...

Great post!
I also relate with the naptime dilema...only I go for cookies, instead of bread and butter! Love your blogs! So fun to keep in touch!